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This is the homepage for the discussion mediawiki extension. It is a commenting system that looks like this (please feel free to test it):

You need JavaScript enabled for viewing comments


  • Moderation: the moderator can block, hide or completely remove comments; restrict viewing and posting permissions (e.g. to registered users only)
  • Customization: there is a number of adjustable parameters (maximum depth of comments, "sliding" view instead of "incremental" view, etc)
  • Special page for recent comments
  • Special page for the summary of all discussions on the wiki
  • Supported languages: English, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish and French (the last one is almost complete). Please help by translating it to other languages!


To use it, simply add the following wiki text to a page:

<discussion />

You can also specify various parameters, e.g.


will remove restriction on the number of characters in a comment, and will display Previous/Next buttons instead of More. Here is a complete list of parameters.

Documentation and installation

A description of this extension, including the list of all parameters, can be found on the documentation page. For installation instructions please go here.

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